Products & Services

The company has spent the past years to achieve a very high level of perfection in all our dealings, due to  a very strong after sales service department (ASSD) and this has made the company to stay abreast of the changing challenging business scenes, i.e. our closeness to our clients.

Our products’ originate from far and wide; places like, United Kingdom, America, Dubai, Germany, Bulgaria, India, Taiwan, Turkey and China.

Our wealth of experience has made a difference in our services to our clients, unique and unbeatable. And our unrelented effort research has made our services and product distinctive.

Our Services  include:

  1. Best -Bet:
    • Supply and sales of food additives(ranging from preservatives, flavours, improvers, enzymes, softeners, sugar replacers, food colouring, egg yolk, soy flour, dough conditioner etc.),
    • Supply and sales of bakery equipment()
  2. Benice Boutique: Unisex Boutique; a one family stop shop for male, female and children clothing and shoes (wholesale and retail available)
  3. Be Clean: Home Cleaning, Office Cleaning and Fumigation
  4. LMV Consult: Property, Bakery, Agro and business consultants. (transforming knowledge to wealth)
  5. Folbol Furniture/Interior Decoration: Rugs, foot mats, synthetic flowers and stands, sales of furniture and interior decorations.